Student Comments - One-to-One Homestays

French Homestay Programme

The programme was free form as needed at my advanced level, so the courses varied as needed from day to day.

Of all the language courses taken over the years, this Eurolingua program has best met my needs at my rather advanced level. I recommend it for every level of ability as the best way to deal with so many l levels and areas of learning a foreign language and culture. My teacher could not have been better in any way.

Hal, American – Paris, September 2016


French Homestay Programme

Fantastic meals catered to my dietary wishes. Great welcome. I felt very at home. Lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Catherine provided a wonderful welcome and I felt very much at home throughout my one-week stay. The apartment is in an excellent location a block from the beach and close to the old town. Fantastic meals catered to my dietary wishes. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and she tailored the lessons daily to my specific needs and questions. 

Jeremy, Canadian – Annecy, September 2016


Spanish Homestay Programme

We were more than satisfied with our experience.

I had a brilliant time and became more confident with my Spanish.   I liked everything about the course and achieved my main objectives for the course.

Eleanor (accompanied by her parents), British – El Boalo, August 2016


French Homestay Programme

Annie, our teacher was excellent. She spoke very clear French and made it easy for us to make progress. She adapted the course to the two teens interest spontaneously. Much to her credit.

It's a wonderful, enjoyable program. Everything was satisfactory from initial contact with the organization to our final moments.

The program exceeded our expectations prior to attending and during the week.

We liked everything about the programme and to have fun while learning French!

Nell, Anna and Courtney, American – Saint Omer, July 2016


French Homestay Programme

We enjoyed the welcome into the family and Isabelle's readiness to include us in their day-to-day lives. She went above and beyond our expectations.

We achieved the main objectives for our programme.

Kristina and Sophie, American – Les Sables d’Olonne, July 2016


French Homestay Programme

My two week homestay in Bordeaux was terrific. Collette was extremely welcoming and easy-going. She made me feel right at home from the start. My suitcase was delayed, and she was extremely helpful in sorting out that problem. She is very professional and had already drawn up a well-thought out programme of teaching and activities, which we discussed the first morning. She has a Master's in teaching French as a second language and tailored the teaching to my specific needs. She introduced me to her family and friends, and we went on many outings together, far more than the minimum requirement. Bordeaux is a fascinating city. My stay was truly total immersion. I am much more confident in my French and had a lot of fun at the same time. I gained much more confidence in speaking French through this programme.

Alison, British/American – Bordeaux, June 2016


French Homestay Programme

Brigitte is very well qualified and experienced teacher of French for foreign language students. She quickly found the suitable level for us and used a variety of materials. We particularly benefited from regular daily writing in French.

The daily program included encounters with her friends and family, visits to art exhibitions and excursions along the Mediterranean coast.

The formal lessons fitted in with this rather than in a formal timetable.

She provided excellent meals and very comfortable accommodation.

We covered different aspects of the language but particularly benefited from writing daily.

Brigitte is a very hospitable, lively and convivial hostess.

Helen and Donald, Australian – St Cyr-sur-Mer, May 2016


Italian Homestay Programme

Antonella is a fabulous teacher, and very imaginative in her approach, making lots of visits.  Antonella gave the clearest explanations about grammar that I have ever come across, and was a thoughtful and imaginative teacher. Her hospitality (and cooking) were wonderful, her home comfortable, and she made sure we visited (together) many interesting places, while explaining aspects of Italian culture. Loved it!

Her apartment is very comfortable and her cooking wonderful! It was a great place to stay, and I loved it and learned a lot.

Everyone was very adaptable when I had to change my dates, and I was not made to feel uncomfortable at all about having to chop and change.

I spent too short a time there - wish I could have done two weeks.

Kate, British – Livorno, April 2016


French Homestay Programme

I liked most the flexibility of scheduling, focus on my goals, the opportunity to experience a variety of situations.

The tutor was excellent and highly qualified. The family was lovely and they treated me very well. They planned lots of activities to help me experience the culture of the region. I would have liked to have had more contact with them prior to going so that i could plan my arrival and departure more easily.

It was much harder than I imagined it would be. I thought my skills were better than they were so it was very difficult to be in an environment where only French was spoken. Most of the time I understood nothing. I thought that I would adapt more quickly but my listening comprehension was still very difficult at the end. I did improve with the ability to communicate with speaking. My expectations were probably too high/unrealistic as to my ability to advance so I do not feel that I achieved my objectives for the programme.

Marie-Pierre is a wonderful teacher and her family was fun to be with.

Susan, American – Saint Privat des Vieux, April 2016


French Homestay Programme

I really enjoyed the personal involvement and acceptance of the tutor and her family of me as a "member of the family". We spoke French at home, when we were in public, and several private dinners and gatherings.

The program itself was outstanding. Beatrice had a nice library of French TV documentaries which we watched along with French language news broadcasts from Paris and Quebec. The news reporting during the November 13, 2015 attacks was particularly poignant and personal. Beatrice's sister lived closed to the restaurant that was sprayed with automatic weapons fire.
The French people who lived nearby were throwing sheets into the streets to cover all of the corpses. So sad and so unforgettable...

Beatrice is an excellent and patient instructor. I chose articles beforehand in French for us to discuss as a vehicle for increasing my vocabulary and improving my pronunciation. I also recorded her reading selected passages for later review of pronunciation and intonation. Beatrice is an extremely well rounded and worldly individual who has lived in Europe, Africa and North America. She has an opinion about everything which made for some lively discussions in the evenings after dinner! She tutors Canadian civil servants for the national written and oral French exam. She thus has considerable insight into most of the departments of the provincial and national government. She also made extensive use of personal anecdotes. Especially fascinating were those told about when she lived in Djibouti with her husband who was in the Foreign Legion. What a fascinating woman. Also a great cook! Very simple but very tasty cuisine. A great credit to the French provincial tradition!

I feel that I achieved my main objectives for the programme.

Jack,  American – North Vancouver, November 2015


French Homestay Programme

A positive programme and fabulous experience.

Richard, British/Australian - Saint Andre D'Allas, July  2015

French Homestay Programme

I have had a very useful, but also most enjoyable experience with Isabelle and family in Les Sables d'Orlonne.

The family and their friends were most welcoming, and Isabelle a clear and effective teacher.

Faye, Australian  - Les Sables d'Orlonne, July 2015

French  Homestay Programme  - Multi-Centre programme

The evaluation of very good which is the highest rating this form allows does not do justice to the program I received. I received a wonderful welcome after a trying day on the trains. During my lessons we worked on a variety of things--grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to name just a few. When I was confused about something, he gave very clear explanations. Only one excursion was required by the program, but we did something together every day. We visited castles, villages, churches and an abbey. We rode bikes, went to a concert and visited with neighbors. We discussed current events, historical figures and the evolution of the french language. Sylvain expected improvement and was very complimentary when I made corrections on my own (grammar, vocabulary and especially pronunciation).

There really wasn't anything I disliked. I was always busy with lessons, excursions and homework--just the way I like it!  I achieved my main objectives.

I made my reservations not much before my trip. Because you were flexible with the payment (I was able to do a wire transfer for the total amount instead of using PayPal for part of the payment), everything worked out.

For a great immersion experience in French, try Herbilly in the Loire Valley (near Blois). You'll have an excellent teacher (Sylvain),interesting excursions and many opportunities to learn about the culture as well as the language.

Judy, American  – Herbilly,  July 2015

My week at Juigny-sur-Sarthe was marvelous; it was more than I had dared to hope for! The whole family was very welcoming; I got so attached to everyone that it was hard to leave at the end of the week. Catherine is an excellent teacher. Her lessons were well-planned, were based on my needs and provided a variety of interesting and challenging activities. Her explanations were clear. When we went to a film or had a guided tour, we always had a discussion later to make sure that I had understood not only what had been said but also any relevant cultural information. We had a variety of excursions--all very interesting. I had a large, comfortable, air conditioned room which was above the garage and only a few steps from the house--where I was always felt welcome. The food was good and plentiful. I couldn't have asked for more!  I feel that I achieved my objectives.

There were so many great things it would be hard to select what I liked most. Catherine is an excellent teacher. She constantly looked for gaps in my knowledge, provided clear explanations and praised my progress. We had a wide variety of excursions--something every day--and there was always a review later. The whole family was very welcoming. My room was comfortable, spacious and had air conditioning. The food was good and plentiful.

Judy, American -  Juigny-sur-Sarthe,  June 2015

Spanish Homestay Programme

It was brilliant to spend a whole week focusing on the language and being immersed in it. Maria Angeles and her family were extremely helpful and welcoming. It was a 200% positive experience. I feel that I achieved my objectives.

I liked the fact that I had so many tutors to choose from. The tutor profiles were well designed. A video introduction of the tutors might have been a plus, though, just to get an even better idea of the options. The enrolment procedure was very straightforward and Ann was very helpful in answering all my questions.  I would have liked to have stay there for at least 3 weeks!

Sybille, British -  El Espinar, April 2015

French  Homestay Programme

This course was very flexible and adaptable to my needs and indeed adjustments were made as I wanted them as we progressed.  

I am very satisfied with the programme and feel that I achieved my objectives.  All aspects of the programme were very good including the accommodation, reception at the tutor’s home and cultural and social activities.

A very useful, enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Stephen, Australian - Arudy, March 2015

French Homestay Programme

I really enjoyed the program, thanks very much!

Irina, Russian - Paris, September 2014

Italian Homestay Programme

My experience with Elena in Bergamo was super in every way.

Laura  – Bergamo,  July 2014

French language homestay programme

This is rather belated, but better late than never.  I spent three weeks with Claude in the 16th arrondissement of Paris in 2010, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

I had been learning French at the Alliance Française in Melbourne, Australia, for three or four years and reached DELF B2 standard, and I wanted to improve both my grammar and my conversation.  I was nervous before I arrived, never having met these people before and not knowing what to expect or how we would get along.  However my doubts all vanished almost immediately on my arrival: I was welcomed with great warmth by Claude and her husband Jean-paul; and for the next three weeks I effectively became part of their family. 

Claude is a friendly, good-humoured, generous woman with a deep theoretical and practical knowledge of French.  She and Jean-paul have a lively interest in the arts and politics, and a wide circle of friends to whom they introduced me and who welcomed me warmly as well.  I was taken for a weekend to their house in Normandy and met more of their friends and saw parts of the country I had never seen before.  My stay wasn’t all going out and having fun: every morning I spent four hours working hard with Claude on my formal knowledge of the language, although even these sessions were full of laughter and long conversations.  Within a few days I was conversing in French quite naturally – with my numerous mistakes very gently but insistently corrected by my excellent teacher.  I returned home to Melbourne having improved my French enormously and having spent a wonderful three weeks with wonderful people. 

Robin,  Australian, Paris in September 2010  - testimonial dated February 2014

Italian Homestay Programme

The big plus of a homestay is that it can be tailored to the student's specific ability and needs. In this case that worked well, in that we focused on my need to improve my oral skills.  I feel that I have achieved my objectives.

British student,  Bordighera,  September 2013

French Homestay Programme

I finished my French Homestay course with Catherine in Annecy (8th - 15 September 2013).

I thoroughly enjoyed my French course with her.  I found Catherine to be very professional and always well organized  with lots of relevant notes.  Her explanations were always simple and easy to follow and she was always very encouraging.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my meals with her. They were very healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables.

My accommodation was very comfortable and her apartment was always very clean. She was a very caring and generous hostess.

I will have no hesitation in returning to study French with Catherine should I be able to do so in the future.

Christine from Australia - Annecy, September 2013,

French Homestay Programme

I am writing to let you know that my two-week home-stay in August 2013 with Caroline and her family was outstanding in every respect. 

Most every morning after breakfast, Caroline and I would make some type of excursion – to a bank, post office, wine shop, bakery, butcher shop, café, pharmacy, etc., where I would learn some new and useful vocabulary.  Some days we made longer trips to visit artisan villages, chateaux, monasteries, beaches, and other points of interest.

Caroline would listen to me during these outings, and then she would base our more formal afternoon teaching sessions on exercises (oral and written) to correct my errors and omissions.   For example, at first I almost never used the subjunctive mood in my speech even though I knew the correct forms.  After our lessons, Caroline (and her mother) would praise me whenever I used the subjunctive during our conversations.  We all agreed that English was forbidden in our conversations, and this interdiction helped me make progress in my fluency.

Caroline is quite imaginative and flexible in her teaching methods and she has a large library of instructional material which I had never seen in an American university bookstore or library.  Because my classes in American schools suppressed the use of "Tu", I made one special request of Caroline, and that was that we all address each other with the "Tu" familiar form rather than "Vous".   At first this was awkward, but after two weeks I was quite comfortable.

The accommodations were outstanding.  The family lives in a large house in the center of town, and I had a large, quiet bedroom with a comfortable bed.  Caroline and her mother are excellent cooks, and I enjoyed a great variety of dishes prepared from fresh foods bought at the local markets.  I was also offered wine at each meal.

In summary, my home-stay with Caroline exceeded my expectations at every level, and I would recommend this experience to other Francophiles without reservation.

Mike from USA - Cabestany, August 2013

French Homestay Programme

I highly recommend Catherine in Annecy for studying French and English.

She was attentive, informative and a very good teacher to study with. Her place was very clean, nice and close to the lake. I really enjoyed my study and stay with her. 

Ayeshah from America - Annecy, July-August 2013,

France Homestay Programme

It is with much gratitude and pleasure that I report on my recent homestay in Marseille! For me, it was a joyful, valuable and intellectually satisfying experience.

Isabelle and I got on exceedingly well.  She is a competent, committed and encouraging teacher. In addition, she exudes kindness, generosity and  'joie de vivre'.  Her family were also most welcoming and endeavoured to make my stay with them a culturally rewarding sojourn.

My timetable of classes and activities was carefully planned as was my program of 'outings/visits' on my days off.

While fluency in french did not just happen at the end of just two weeks, I'm happy to report that I made considerable progress and I plan to continue working at it.

I wish to thank you very sincerely, Ann, for so expertly and efficiently arranging all of this for me.

Catherine – Marseille,  June 2013

French Homestay Programme

The programme was good and the course was adapted to our level.  The tutor was excellent and explanations given were clear.

Danielle and her family were very accommodating. Lesson times were flexible and support very good.

Terry and JoAnne,  Australian  - Saint Andre D’Allas, May 2013  

French language Homestay programme

My week with Anne was superb.  When I signed up with EuroLingua, I really had no idea what to expect, but decided that it would be an experiment worth trying.  The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Anne is a four star hostess; her apartment -- close to the gorgeous Renaissance Palais Rihour, now the tourist office and right in the heart of old Lille -- is just lovely, and well suited to a guest.  As soon as Anne got me settled after meeting me at the train, with flowers other nice touches in my room, she asked what I expected of the week and what I'd like to do.  I told her that my goal was immersion, but that otherwise I didn't really know.  Anne proposed a list of terrific options -- meeting some of her friends, sightseeing in Lille, movies, museums, a trip to Brugge. 

Anne was so very welcoming, gracious and full of enthusiasm for Lille, for French culture, for talking about all kinds of interesting things.  During the week I spoke maybe 20 words of English, the rest was French -- and lots of it.  Anne is incredibly skilled at stimulating conversation.  She adroitly corrected me when my grammar was off, helped me work on some troublesome pronunciation, and gave me a wealth of new phrases and words.  I am now so much closer to my goal of becoming bilingual.  It was fantastic -- by the end of the week, I was truly thinking in French. 

I became very ill in the middle of the night one day.  Anne was so kind and sympathetic.  She offered to take the day off, got me medicine, cooked me white rice, and did my laundry so I'd have a fresh nightgown.  Since I couldn't do much for a day, she borrowed a great movie and recommended another she had in her collection.  It was almost pleasant to be sick. 

I have been telling all my friends that the week with Anne was the highlight of my 6 weeks in France -- it topped Paris, which I couldn't have believed possible.  I can't thank Anne enough.  If any of your potential clients ever wanted to contact me, I'd be delighted to tell them what a wonderful tutor and hostess Anne is.

Tally from California, with Anne in Lille,  April 2013

Spanish language Homestay programme

The course was intensive. I had the opportunity to practice my spanish with the whole family (Graciela, Diego (her son), Lara(her daughter) and friends. I had also my own time to explore the city.

The programme is excellent - it was exactly what I needed. I wanted to have the opportunity to practice my Spanish and to clarify some parts of the grammar. I needed to build my confidence in speaking which I managed to achieve with Graciela's help.

I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to accelarate the learning of the language and have a great opportunity to practice and learn about the culture of the country with native persons. I enjoyed my home stay.

Bernadette from France, with Graciela in Granada, December 2012

Italian language Homestay programme

Got back from Italy a couple of day ago and have been busy trying to catch up with things.  I wanted you to know that Marina was an excellent instructor/teacher.  I learned more in these two weeks than I did in the past five years.  She has some very interesting techniques for help people learn, along with her pleasant personality, learning was a pleasure.  A lot of work, but quite enjoyable.  I would highly recommend Marina to anyone wanting to do an Italian home stay learning program.

Sal from USA, with Marina in Sovizzo, October 2012

French language Homestay programme

The accommodation, meals and accommodation with the tutor were very good as were the family interaction and activities.

The course was well planned and organised with a diversity of materials.  I feel that I achieved my personal objectives for the course.

Instructor's flexibility and adaptability with respect to my needs. My major goal was to improve my audio comprehension of conversational French and my ability to speak appropriately and confidently in conversational settings. Ms. Voirin tailored tutoring sessions and my individual study to meet those goals. After completing my study with her I attended a three-day professional conference in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and was delighted with how much better I was able to interact with French colleages in French than when I attended the same meeting in 2011. Ms. Voirin is an excellent and capable tutor, and I received additional instruction from her husband and daughter throughout my stay.

Everything was handled in a competent, professional manner. I have not suggestions for program improvements.

The program and the instructor and her family more than met my expectations and hopes. I recommend Eurolingua and Ms. Voirin enthusiastically and without reservation.

No dislikes at all. The entire experience was comfortable and highly effective.

Color me very satisfied.

Ron, from USA , with Caroline in Talence, October 2012

French Language Homestay programme

Reception at the tutor’s home, accommodation and meals and interaction with the family were good.  The course content and planning were very good.   The teaching was logical and the course adapted to my needs, level and profile.  I felt I made very good progress in my listening but my spoken expression needs more work.  Overall, I feel I achieved my personal objectives for the programme.

I liked the personal involvement in a french household and the necessity to speak and listen in french all day.

Did not like the fact that both house occupants were smokers and as it was their house they maintained their usual habit of smoking inside. In Australia this is most unusual nowadays. I think this should have been indicated prior to committment. I was able to cope but many people would not have been able to.

Vicki, from Australia, with Françoise in Tours, September 2012 

Portuguese Language Homestay programme

My summer got off to a good start with may Portuguese programme with Ana in Madeira.  She is a lovely lady and I learnt a lot in a fun, didactive manner.

Adrienne, Irish, living in Belgium with Ana in Maderia,  July 2012

French Language Homestay programme

I have been meaning to write to you since my return from St. Cyr sur mer but have been distracted by events.  I had a very enjoyable time with Brigitte.  She was most welcoming, and she went out of her way to make my stay stimulating and pleasant.  I feel I made good progress thanks to her skilful teaching and the considerable practice I had in talking to friends and members of the family.  We went on various trips which I found interesting, not least a visit to an art exhibition at Aix-en-Provence.

Harold from UK with Brigitte in St Cyr, France  September 2012

Italian Homestay programme

First and foremost, thank you for your skilled teaching. Your experience shows.

The lessons were efficient and modulated well according to my needs.

I appreciated your humor and your humanity as well.

In all, a rewarding experience and one I would recommend to other people.

The accommodations and the environment of Monsummano Terme were also a warm and supportive place to be immersed in the Italian language. Grazie Mille!

Laura from America,  Monsummano Terme, June 2012

(special dietary requirements – no meat, no dairy, gluten free, no shell fish)

French Language Homestay Programme

Hello here is my Feedback from my homestay in France.

I found my french family very welcoming and the overall experience was extremely useful with regards to my exams. Each lesson was very well organised and the excursions and trips to towns surrounding the area of nimes were both informative and fun. The whole process was hassle-free, through eurolingua, it was planned efficiently and it was reassuring to know that I had contacts from the company in case of any problems. I would happily recommend this experience to anyone as it has been extremely valuable.

Many Thanks

Sam from UK with Jonathan in Nimes, France in  April 2012

Italian Language Homestay Programme

I wanted to give you some feedback regarding my time spent in Trieste with Paola, and with Monica close to Venezia.  Both of their families were very friendly and welcoming and the language instruction and participation in family activities was good at both places.  In talking to both of them I learned that Monica receives students regularly while Paola receives them rarely.  In fact I see looking now at your website that Paola is no longer listed. I don't know what led to this change but I wanted to say that my experience there was perfect and that she takes her responsibility as teacher very seriously and exercises it with great competency.  Her family is wonderful and there location in the center of Trieste is ideal .

(Eurolingua - Paola had decided not to show her profile on the web site for a while.  She is now preparing her profile and is ready to take students again.)

John from American, two-centre programme August/September 2011

French Language Programme with Host Accommodation on Martinique, French Caribbean

Yvon did a good job, he is a great teacher and wonderful person, he did not hesitate to go out of his way to accommodate me and I truly enjoyed the time I had spent with him.  

The accommodation was with a local French host...  The family are nice and hospitable people, they offered what they had, but they did not have much time for me. They were busy with their jobs and children, which I understand... I could choose between the daughter's room that had a fan and son's room that had an air-conditioner, so I choose the air conditioning... it was little help as there are no glass on the windows... only shutters that are no real barrier to the humidity from outside and incredible noise from all kinds of nocturnal frogs, crickets and other insects.  Luckily I never travel without ear plugs... The shutters had six little glass squares to let the day light in... no curtains to keep the light out in the morning... no closets, no hangers, only built in shelves... that I cleared a... space for my things...  I was sleeping on a bunk bed... some of my clothes I hung over the rail of the upper bed... writing desk for me to work at home.
Food was good though, the host, Isabelle and Yvon are really great cooks.
The host accommodation was far from Fort de France... there was no way for me to go anywhere by myself.  Isabelle, the host, gave a ride to me and the little one early in the morning, he was going to school in FDF and Yvon would meet me on the parking of the school and take me to his place for lessons, in the afternoon he would take me back to Isabelle's. I was spending 1 - 3 hrs in daily commute due to unbelievable traffic and congested roads... Towards the end of the second week Yvon, ... noticing that I was tired and struggling to keep up with the program, spoke to Isabelle... for the last two days the boy left for the school with dad and sister, before 7am and she insisted that I stay in bed and we leave after 9am.
I have been to the beach only once, one day I asked Yvon to skip lessons and take me somewhere for a swim. I thought it would be possible for me to go to the beach more often but there was absolutely no chance. Before leaving I gave Isabelle feedback for welcoming future students. To sum it up, it was nice to see Martinique and how people live there.  
Jasmina, from Canada, November 2011

French Language Homestay Programme

I enjoyed my time with Christiane very much. I made a great deal of progress in two weeks. A key, more than the hours of instruction, was the time at meals, when we put into practice what I was learning. Naturally this was quite tiring and a big challenge, but that is the reason I chose a homestay! Christiane was very patient. The flexibility she showed also allowed me to see some sights in the area of beautiful Menthon, as well as get in some nice hikes and runs in the area. Anyone looking to learn French in a beautiful natural surrounding would love the area around Annecy, and it was not difficult to get into town if needed.  Christiane has a relaxed and patient manner, but is scholarly and correct in her approach.

Thomas, American, living in Switzerland, November 2011

English Language Homestay Programme

Konrad and I spent four weeks at Joanna house.  Joanna is a very friendly and flexible person. She taught us exactly what we wanted. She helped me a lot in my preparation of my plays. Konrad brushed up his vocabulary with useful exercises.

We participated much in their daily life. In the evenings the programme was set by their three year old boy....  Our room was much too small for two people in order to withdraw. That's why we went away very often either for a walk or a drive by car. You need a car in Titirangi. There isn't much public transport running... However, Joanna and Marc, her husband, are very loveable people and we enjoyed the few quiet moments we had with them.

Andrea and Konrad from Switzerland - November 2011

French Language Homestay Programme

It has been almost one year since I took my home-stay course with Geneviève and yet it seems not that long ago. Geneviève was a great host who made me feel very welcome in her lovely and comfortable home for three weeks. Our lessons each day were well structured, at the level I needed and at a suitable pace. Geneviève showed a genuine interest in my learning and great patience with my progress. It wasn't all work though. I was able to share a laugh and ask many questions as well during the lessons or over dinner each night. Geneviève also took me to a few different places for sightseeing and helped me with information on getting around town or to nearby places. Even when my home-stay time was finished she showed great interest in my continuance of lessons and encouraged me to practice. I would highly recommend Geneviève to anyone wishing to learn French while discovering the beauty of Nice to study with her.

Richard, from Australia, February 2011

French Language Homestay Programme – 2 Centres Programme

My particular concern was to go to wine areas and enjoy myself by interacting with locals/winemakers as much as possible.   This was achieved.

Both host(ess)s were concerned that my requests were somewhat different to the normal, and therefore wanted to make certain that this would not be at odds with Eurolingua.

Josiane is a very Italian mother ‘à la française’. She looked after us well and we had an enjoyable stay. I learned much and enjoyed the challenges she set us, especially the markets.

At Christine’s it must be said that Alain in particular put himself out in order to take us around. He does not have very much English. I drank coffee in the same café with him every morning. I rode on tractors with one farmer friend of his. I cleaned pigeons for the table, which Alain had shot, and Christine cooked. I walked ancient battlefields close to where my grandfather had fought in WWI.  I attended memorial parades with him for WWII, (we are both ex-soldiers). I was taken to Reims and to various Champagne Houses and even spent an afternoon picking grapes in the vineyards of Champagne with my daughter, and every night we had a sit down dinner with a large noisy family, with all their 5  kids at the table from 6 to 19. This might not have been exactly what Eurolingua had in mind, but it was exactly what I wanted…..some core insights into France and being French. My linguistic abilities grew in leaps and bounds, my daughter formed a strong friendship with one of Christine’s girls and they still correspond, as I do with the parents. I astounded my French tutor when I got back after only 3 weeks.

I am continuing my interactive programme style self-learning of French.

Lindsay and daughter, Kimberly, from South Africa, August 2011

Spanish Language Homestay Programme

Regarding Olivia, I spent a lovely week in her house in Madrid- she lives with her husband and new born baby near the airport and there are excellent transport links into the city centre via the Metro and bus services. The area where she lives is quiet and tranquil and very safe to walk around. Olivia is lovely and a great teacher- she's from Bolivia so she has a interesting accent. She was able to tailor the class specifically to my interests and as I'm vegan, she and her husband were very accommodating food-wise. I would highly recommend her to other students.

Sophie, from Wales, May 2011

Spanish Language Homestay Programme

Getting Archie to write anything is a challenge so I'm afraid you’re not going to get a comment for your web page, no matter how hard I nag!

He will however act as referral. He really enjoyed his stay in Spain and could not praise Olivia highly enough.

Alison, teenager Archie’s Mum, from England,  April 2011

Spanish Language Homestay Programme in Costa Rica

I liked that fact that Gustavo, within a matter of days had adapted the course program to my professional needs. We went from working on developing my reading and writing skills (which are already at a fairly high level) to working on developing the course I was going to be teaching this spring on Don Quijote. We downloaded articles from google scholar, read them and discussed them. Since he himself is a very experienced language pedagogue, he had very useful ideas about how to structure the course. I was frankly amazed how productive this part of the course was. In addition to this, Gustavo was very plugged into the social life of the San Cristobal. Friends of his in the village came by virtually every evening, so I had many excellent opportunities to speak spanish, and cultivate relationships with the people there, so that I ended up speaking a lot of spanish. So I achieve both my objective of professional development and linguistic development. But without Gustavo's pedagogical training and cultural sophistication and his connections with the community, none of this would have been possible. I can't emphasize enough that the success of my experience is all attributable to him.

Bill from the USA,  November 2010

Spanish Language Homestay Programme

My experience with my homestay learning course in Madrid was fantastic. It was better than I expected. By living with my tutor in a home environment I could immerse myself in the Spanish language. So my learning was so much better than any other course that I have ever done and I have been studying the language for many years. Also, I learnt so much about Madrid and Spain and the culture that I cannot wait to revisit. My time with my tutor, Maria, means that I now have a lifelong friend. We now regularly email in Spanish which helps me to keep up my learning of Spanish here in Australia. I cannot speak highly enough of the whole experience with Eurolinga Institute and my learning of a language in a homestay setting.

Denise from Australia,  October 2010

French Language Homestay Programme in Canada

The Professionalism and personal relatedness of Martin made for a thoroughly satisfying experience.
It made me realize how much I need to learn. And how easy it is for me to neglect continued study on my own.

Art from USA, September 2010

Italian Language Homestay Programme

The instructor was very conscientious, and willing to spend considerable time with me. His family was also very simpatica.

I should have tried to speak more than I did (which was my fault, not the instructors). The grammar work was a bit tedious, since I knew most of what we did before coming to Pescara.

A good program, though, of course, much depends on the quality and interest of the instructor

(name withheld) American student,  September 2010

French Language Homestay Programme

The teacher, Claude, was outstanding and exactly right for me. She and her husband were extremely welcoming and made me feel at home and at ease from the beginning. Claude's teaching, as I expected from her background, was exactly what I was hoping for.

I can't think of anything I didn't like.

The enrolment procedure was good. The only thing that surprised me was that it took you so long to send me this form to complete.

I took a three week French Homestay program in September 2010, consisting of 20 hours of one-to-one tuition per week. I was hoping it would be good; in fact, it was excellent. My tutor was very welcoming and an excellent teacher. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning a European language.




Robin from Australia, September 2010

French Language Homestay Programme

The tutor Suzanne was of excellent character, very professionel, great teaching skills and a lovely personality. She made my stay in France an unforgettable experience.

Lisa from Australia,  July 2010

Portuguese Language Homestay Programme

It helped me understand the language a bit more. I enjoyed being in a Portuguese home. The tutor, Delfina, was very friendly and interesting.
All explanations and discussions were in Portuguese. While I understand the reason for this, I often did not understand what was being said. Similarly, all conversation was at normal Portuguese fluent speakers speed. I understood about 10% over the course of the week ...
It was only one week so I knew I would not become a fluent speaker as a result but it was probably a good experience for me. Being a rather mature student (!) I did not want to be "mothered" and enjoyed the freetime when I was away from the house.

Rhoslyn from the UK,  July 2010

Spanish Language Homestay Programme

My teacher, Elena, was excellent. It was a very good experience.

Sally from the UK,  June 2010


French Language Homestay Programme

The French Language Homestay in Saint André d'Allas, France is a wonderful way to learn French with an excellent teacher in a fantastic location. Besides having a custom tailored course to your exact level that will definitely advance your language skills, the teacher (Danielle) is a warm and friendly person who delights in showing you around the historically rich and beautiful region. On top of that, she is an expert cook; you will be able to sample many tasty regional dishes right from her own garden and farm. Her home is comprised of several large buildings, located in the woods, yet with all the modern conveniences, including a solar heated swimming pool and wireless internet access. The medieval town of Sarlat is nearby (with a wonderful Saturday market), as well as the famous Lascaux caves with the prehistoric paintings. Often she has friends and relatives over for a visit, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your conversational skills in a variety of settings. She and her husband have travelled the world, and you can spend hours hearing of their adventures (be sure to ask them how they met!). You will have the experience of a lifetime with this homestay. Very highly recommended!!!

Esther and son, Nicholas, from Spain,  May 2010

French Language Homestay Programme

Tutor, Danielle, in the Dordogne.  Great region and lovely people for the emersion experience.

Too short!

Sally from Australia,  May 2010

French Language Homestay Programme

This was my first trip to France and I enjoyed experiencing a culture from the inside. The family were also very pleasant.

I didn't realize that there would be an outing almost every day and no opportunity for some time to experience the area for myself. I also think that Danielle's course is rather generalized and not specific to a student's deficits.

It would have been helpful if I had known the following before departure: 1] entrance to exhibits and sites of interest are not included in the course fees; 2] who the household members are; 3] where is it possible to change currency; 4] what kind of clothes to bring; 5] are there services nearby, e.g. convenience shops, churches, banks, etc.

(name withheld) from America,  May 2010

Italian Language Homestay Programme

Marco was quite friendly and, on the whole, helpful. We had occasional meals together and once had an enjoyable evening with his parents. We also accompanied him a few times when he had errands to attend to ... I was remiss in not indicating in the beginning that what I needed most was the chance to engage in extensive conversations ... Marco's focus was on grammar ... and he a "program" that he liked to follow ... my wife was with me but does not speak Italian; however, she knew that I wanted to have an entire week during which time I heard and spoke only Italian. Marco lapsed into English more than was necessary. Marco is an engaging person with a wide variety of cultural interests. As I previously indicated, if I had been been more forthright about my particular needs I think I would have achieved to a much greater degree what I had hoped to take away from the week's stay. All in all though, I think Marco would do a very good job with students whose Italian is at the beginning or intermediate level, and would recommend him to others.

Bill from America,  October 2009

Portuguese Language Homestay Programme

I enjoyed the place (Cascais) and thought the teacher was exceptional.

Annette, American,  October 2009

English Language Homestay Programme

The tutor in Bristol is not a suitable tutor for teenage boys who can break things and need large quantities of food to eat.  She did not stick to curfews for the student.

Margot, Felipe’s mother, from Spain,   July 2009

French Language Homestay Programme

Enrolment procedure was easy. The programme was enjoyable and the number of excursions to nearby places was much more than I had expected. My hosts were friendly and very accommodating. I'd love to keep in touch with them.

Danielle and Pierre are excellent, interesting hosts with diverse interests and live in a fascinating and beautiful part of the country. I was made very welcome and the accommodation and food were excellent.

Chris from New Zealand,  June 2009

French Language Homestay Programme

Excellent food, good location, nice accomodations, organized and effect tutor. In short, everything was good.

Bernard from America, NIce - March 2009

German Language Homestay Programme

Good reception by the tutor and meals and accommodation.  The course was well organised and I achieved my personal objectives.

Jae, South Korean student studying in Scotland,   March 2009

French Language Homestay Programme

Dear Ann,  I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Tours.  The lessons with Francoise were fun, stimulanting, and rigorous; they covered French culture and history, as well as relating directly to the Chateaux in the Touraine which I visited in the afternoons with Alain.  In all I saw six chateaux.  These visits were a wonderful experience and helped to give me a good perspective of the region, architecture, history and culture.  I also had the good fortune to see a magnificent exhibition, "La Volupte du Gout" (French painting in the time of Madame Pomadour) at the Musee de Beaux Arts, and the glorious Cathedral of St. Gatien.  I greatly admired the cooking of Francoise and was able to engage with my hosts in a most natural and refreshing way.  My thanks to you and Barry for arranging this exciting trip for me.  Very best wishes, Harold from the UK (Third Homestay programme with Eurolingua Institute) October 2008

English Language Homestay Programme

Hi Ann,

Just a short note to let you know that I had a wonderful and very profitable stay and will not hesitate to recommend Eurolingua (and Susan) to my students and/or colleagues!

Kind regards,

Karen from Denmark, March 2008

French Language Homestay Programme

Dear Ann,  I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Sevres.  Karin Rebut and her mother are wonderful hosts and, apart from making progress with my French, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time exploring the more unusual parts of Paris.  I had a lovely view from my room and enjoyed excellent cooking, with the added pleasure of chatting at mealtimes about history and various cultural themes.  Thank you so much for making this possible for me.  All arrangements went according to plan.  Please pass on my best wishes to Barry.  Kinds regards, Harold from the UK    (Second Homestay programme with Eurolingua Institute), February 2008

French Language Homestay Programme

Dear Ann.

Thankyou for the arrangements for my visit to Jocelyne, in Nice. She is an excellent and patient teacher and very good hostess. I ate very well and was made to feel really welcome. Only time will show if I have actually made a breakthro' into speaking French but I certainly now have some structure for the language and enjoyed the homestay experience.

Kind regards, Anthony from the UK. (Second language programme with Eurolingua Institute), February 2008

French Language Homestay Programme

Salut Eurolingua,

Dear Ann

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you of my homestay with Marie Pierre, in Saint Privat des Vieux.

I discovered that I was Marie-Pierre's first student.  (And she was my first host.)

I consider that I was very lucky to have found her.

She was an excellent teacher - thorough, organised and very capable.

She, her husband and family of 4 children were charming and made us very welcome.

I recommend her to other students.

Kind regards - Elizabeth from the UK  (Second language programme with Eurolingua), September 2007  

Little did I know . . . . I was in for the experience of a lifetime at my Eurolingua one-on-one homestay in Avignon, France. I had never taken a commercial French home tutoring class before - ever. Sure, I had taken high school french and a few college classes and even had a tutor once in a while come to my home but that was centuries ago. This was different. I would be living, breathing, learning 24/7. I would be staying for a week in the home of my instructor, Roselyne, and her family, captive - no place to go. Would I like them? Would they like me? What if they cooked weird food? What if she was so strict and tough on me I'd feel like I was back in 3rd grade grammar school with Sister Ines whacking my hands every time I said something out of turn? After all, let's face it, language learning is a good portion memory retention and at 51, I was no spring chicken. My memory had long ago been "misplaced" and I find it difficult to remember some English words -- let alone French words.After a delightful and picturesque one and a half hour TGV non-stop train ride from Paris, I arrived in central Avignon with anticipation but of course, some dread and hesitation. With my own audible "whew" at the site that greeted me at the train station, I was met by my instructor with a large white sign with my first name, Robin, written across. Not "Mrs. Katsaros" or "Mme. Katsaros" but Robin - now THIS was a good sign! I was graciously met with a big smile and open arms by Roselyne. She was just like the picture but her smile and welcoming personality set the tone for the week that what was to come. I cannot say enough about my week long learning experience . It was the best thing I've ever done for my own personal growth and learning. Roselyne was kind, gracious, and had a talent for transferring her knowledge that motivated me to do my best. She had such an interesting array of tools to work with - textbooks, written exercises, Audio exercises and recordings, French songs and poems and of course, my personal favorite, going outdoors in the Avignon community to practice what I had learned. It really was fabulous. And I also feel that I have made life long friends with my "Avignon" family, not only Roselyne, but her husband and chef Jean-Paul (his chocolate and orange mousse was to die for) and their lovely daughter, Flore. My only regret is that my stay was only one week. I wish I had more time to spend with Roselyne. But I truly enjoyed every moment of time and toil I spent with Roselyne. And I hope to return sometime in the near future to further enhance and update my French language skills. Merci beaucoup! 

July 2007 



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