What the students say.............

1. … excellent … very supportive, helpful staff … we will return next year Celia (group leader)

2. … we worked fast, but it was fun. Dylan

3. … it was the best. Ali

4. … a good, informal atmosphere that is great for learning … excellent teachers .. an enjoyable learning experience. Susanna

5. … good variety of spoken and written work … a worthwile trip and a very good experience …I have learnt a lot. Anna

6. … valuable. Alex

7. … a great experience. Hannah

8. … I learnt more about the actual language from a French person – language used often, not just to correct – that I would hear from an English French teacher in England … trés bonne! Emily

9. … the school has a very nice atmosphere and is helpful … they teach well and I learnt a lot of things whilst there. Charlotte

10. … a nice place, helps you improve accent, listening and writing skills. Victoria

11. … the course was very useful and I believe that I have learnt a great deal more than expected … the course was worth going on … we learnt a lot of aspects of the language which was very helpful … a great experience … the school is excellent for languages. Jasmine

12. … the teacher made learning French fun … the school has a great atmosphere and really helps progression in language. Rosalind

13. … I liked the fun games. Charlotte

14. … a very good school with a friendly atmosphere. Katy

15. … it wasn’t patronising … good level … great teachers … had a great time. Charlie

16. … nos élèves nous on fait de bons commentaries des cours … quelqu’uns ont bien prfité des cours.. Veena (group leader)

17. … it’s a nice place to study … very helpful to those people who want to learn languages. Ji Young

18. … it’s a really good school and fun to learn in. Danielle

19. … this course was very good … I learnd a lot and had fun while doing it … Thank you!! Katherine

20. ...(work experience) .. a good experience where you get to talk the language more and more. Isabel





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