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Learn to speak fluent Arabic in Egypt

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Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies in Maadi Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies in Cairo Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies is a school teaching Arabic to non- natives at all levels of language proficiency all through the year. Courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian, Lybian and Gulf Arabic are accredited by several international universities and students can transfer their credits at Hedayet to home colleges. Cultural activities are essential part of our immersion programs that students enjoy and benefit highly.

The Institute
Eurolingua partner language school in Egypt

The Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies is one of the pioneer Arabic institutes devoted to the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language in Egypt. Hedayet Institute has a world class reputation for serving students visiting from abroad and the larger expatriate community in Egypt. It has offered Arabic language and Arabic related studies to students from across the globe since 1994. Hedayet Institute is also a renowned centre for teaching teachers of Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL). Learn more..


Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies offers courses, in both intensive and non-intensive programs, and taught from beginner to advanced levels. For advanced students, the institute can tailor language courses, as well as, courses in Middle Eastern studies, if advance notice is given. At all levels, class size does not exceed eight students, as part of the HIAS language philosophy.

Certificates and Diplomas
Eurolingua partner language school in Egypt

The Hedayet Institute for Arabic Studies works with a number of Arabic programs at international universities in Europe and the United States of America, which allow students to substitute credits for their courses taken at HIAS programs.

HIAS is certified in Oral Proficiency testing and is a member in a number of accredited education organizations.

Teaching Materials

HIAS provides an environment that allows students to "live the language" through a language-adherence pledge, for both inside-and-outside-class communicative tasks. Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in self-directed co-curricular activities that put them in direct contact with local people.

Eurolingua partner language school in Egypt

Arabic courses at HIAS are taught using the most current international language methods. They are designed to help students acquire and improve their Arabic language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension. Classroom audiovisual facilities, interviews with class guests, and lectures are also among the techniques used to enhance language proficiency. The skills the students acquire at HIAS give them the confidence necessary and the proficiency to enable them to function efficiently in any Arabic cultural environment throughout the Arab World. Because the program includes a focus on oral proficiency (in both Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic), students may request to take a Proficiency Oral Test at the end of their study period that will be internationally certified. Several alternative assessments are used to assess the different language-students' styles.

Social and Cultural Activities

There is a vibrant cultural and extra-curriculum program for HIAS students, which is part of the total immersion experience HIAS is dedicated to provide. Activities range from weekly trips in Cairo, weekly seminars by renowned celebrities in the field of Islamic philosophy, film, politics, economics, development in Egypt, Middle Eastern studies, Islamic architecture…etc. There is also Egyptian cooking and Arab films classes provided weekly.

Eurolingua partner language school in Egypt

HIAS can help students find apartments in several Cairo neighborhoods (including locations close to the institute), and can assist students in suggesting apartments suitable to their needs.

Apartments with several bedrooms are generally available for reasonable prices. Such apartments are quite clean, spacious, with telephone and air condition and students can cut costs sharing living quarters in groups of two, three, or even four.

Living expenses in Cairo are relatively low, compared to the US or Europe. A student who lives simply (not eating frequently at expensive restaurants) may spend as little as LE 600 (bank rate: $1= approx 5.78 LE) per month.

Travel outside Cairo and souvenir shopping will require more money. HIAS can advise you on inexpensive travel and shopping.

Excursions and Visits

Many trips and excursions throughout Egypt can be organised at the student's request at additional cost.

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