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Oxford (OISC), United Kingdom – Easter Language Revision, Business Courses with Internships
OISC is a well-established international school situated in a historic building in the centre of Oxford. For many years we have offered Half Term and Easter revision programmes, both school subjects and English language. OISC is accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (grade one in all categories, which is “outstanding”), a member of COBIS and the European Association for International Education, and an associate member of ECIS.
Oxford needs little introduction as a centre of learning with its 800-year-old University, beautiful architecture and river, centre of culture (art, music, theatre, museums). It is also a centre of activity and fun with punting on the river, music, ice skating, cinemas, restaurants, and Harry Potter film locations!
The OISC Half Term and Easter Revision Programmes include:
  • Revision programmes for a wide range of examinations – IB, A level, A/S, (I)GCSE, with all syllabuses and subjects offered
  • Full timetable including small group and individual teaching, mock exams, Study Skills, and supervised study
  • IB support for Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay, as well as specialist subjects
  • Preparation for English language tests including IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge examinations, as well as support in General English for students taking other subjects
  • German Abitur (Englisch als LK)
  • Common Entrance examinations
For further information, send a secure message via the online form to: Oxford International Study Centre (OISC)
Eurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay Immersion Abroad - where the national language is Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish
A BESPOKE CONCIERGE LANGUAGE SERVICEEurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay Immersion Abroad will always appeal to a discerning niche market of language learners. We concentrate on high quality language tuition and accommodation for mature teenagers, university students, business professionals, diplomatic and military personnel, and retirees. We offer excellent customer service and a unique linguistic and cultural experience in countries where the national language is Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.
Unique Programme Features:
  • Total cultural and linguistic immersion (from 1 to 4 weeks)
  • Professional and structured language instruction (options: 15-30 hours per week, flexible schedule)
  • Local visits, excursions, social and cultural activities
  • Quality and comfortable family environment
  • Delicious family meals (including vegetarian)
  • Meet family, friends and professional colleagues
  • Return home speaking like a native
Skype Language Courses before and after your study abroad
Prepare yourself before you leave home so that you make the most of your study abroad experience – language study, business course, internship etc. Likewise, when you return home, consolidate your language knowledge and fluency.
Skype lessons are also a good way to introduce yourself to a new language you have not tried before.
For information about online Skype Language Tutors, please go to
Eurolingua Institute Business Corner
There are opportunities to be appointed as a Eurolingua Ambassador in your region or country. The role involves advising students, business men and women, military and diplomatic personnel, retirees and other members of your home or online communities about the celebrated Eurolingua One-to-One Language Homestay Immersion Abroad programmes worldwide. For further information, send a secure message via the online form at and we will contact you.
Visit or join dedicated Eurolingua language groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and other media
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