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Dalian Smile Chinese International Training Institute in Dalian Smile Chinese International School---Communication Begins With Smile!
The Best Chinese-teaching Institution In Dalian
Education Target:Making your Chinese as beautiful as your smile!
Education Idea: Smile Chinese School tries its best to design the proper Chinese curriculum and teaching pattern to provide our foreign friends with the first-class studying environment and enable them to realize the expected goal in their studying period. Meanwhile, our school also invites experts to give co


The Institute

Eurolingua partner language school in China

Dalian Smile Chinese International Training School was founded in November, 2006, with the goal “Making your Chinese as beautiful as your smile!” We try our best to build a communicating bridge for foreign friends working and living in Dalian. The school has become an excellent international Chinese training organization during the past years. We have 60 teachers who are all outstanding. And we have four training departments: English, Japanese, Russian, and Korean namely. 5 teaching periods and more than 20 Chinese courses are provided to different kinds of learners, which is really effective and practical. At the same time we also invite experts to give our learners classes about Chinese Culture Appreciation, so that the learners are able to enjoy the charm of Chinese language and culture.


 In the HSK exams, more than 200 learners have been trained in our school and passed the exams, among whom 60% have reached intermediate or high levels from last year to this year.
 At the same time, Smile Chinese has cooperated with Intel, Dalian KWD Innovation Automotive Parts Limited Liability Company, DELL, Mitsubishi Bank THK and so on. Among them three companies are the top 500 companies in the world. We offered them Chinese training and got praise from them. And now we are the appointed Chinese training base for their foreigner employee.
 During the year of 2006 to 2009 Smile Chinese cooperated with many travel agencies and held study tours, at the same time we held summer camp and winter camp for foreign friends and we are widely approved.
 Smile Chinese School is the only one that got the title of “2008 Top 10 Chinese Language Training Schools” in Dalian. Learn more..


Unique Chinese Language Program presented by Smile Chinese
------Learn Chinese and Enjoy Seafood in Dalian, China

The 6 year anniversary of Dalian Smile Chinese International Language Training Institute is around the corner, and for the occasion we are proud to launch a special Chinese study tour program. The theme is “Learning Chinese, Visiting Dalian, and Eating Seafood”. This exciting new program is a unique, all-immersive opportunity for students to raise their Chinese language levels, while experiencing life in the beautiful seaside city of Dalian, enjoying the seafood it’s famous for.
As a famous Chinese saying goes: Compared with reading books, travelling is a better way to study. So the study tour is the perfect combination of visiting and studying---the aim of Smile Chinese’s study tour is to make you learn well, play well and eat well!
1. Visit----As the “North pearl” of China, Dalian not only has a beautiful natural landscape, the historical sights are also very famous. Both of them will let students experience the charm of a modern Chinese city.
2. Study----Students will have 24 hour immersion in a Chinese learning environment with experienced teachers who will help them speak more fluently and more accurately. Using Chinese during the visit, they will have ample opportunity to use their Chinese and correct any problems.
3. Eat----As a seaside city, the most representative food of Dalian is seafood. Dalian seafood is famous for its fresh flavor and huge variety. Dalian food contains characteristics of the food in both north and south China---so if you come here, you get to taste all kinds of Chinese food!
Smile Chinese will help you arrange your journey and other items of your study tour in Dalian. We will make it a worthy trip with our five-star service and high quality Chinese teaching. We believe that you will have a memorable study tour with the help of Smile Chinese!

Contact us and start your study tour:
86-411-8282 0606
86-411-133 2220 2227
More information about Smile Chinese and Chinese courses click:

Dalian.China 2012 Smile Chinese International Summer Camp
——Held by Smile Chinese Mandarin Training Center
Annual Mandarin Summer Camp of Smile Chinese starts! Smile Chinese provide special Chinese teaching services for foreign friends and children of Chinese living abroad during summer vacation every year. Through vivid and interesting curriculum, out door activities, and flexible style of teaching, children will learn the knowledge as playing games and become more and more interested in study. Smile Chinese provide a chance for our students to enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture by drawing Chinese painting, singing Chinese songs, and tasting local snacks and so on. Mean while, kids from different countries and areas make friends with each other and inspire each on the way of Chinese study. Our Summer Camp owns a good reputation among foreign friends by the Chinese featured study environment and unique teaching method.
A. Classic Basic Chinese Courses: Basic Chinese, Video Chinese Lessons, Oral Chinese Lessons for Kids, Situation conversation Lessons for Kids.
B. Classic Chinese Culture Courses: Calligraphy, Ceramics, Paper Cutting, Chinese martial art, Chinese history, Tea ceremony, Traditional Custom.

Summer camp scenic spots:
Renmin square-Olympic square-Xinghai square
Binhai road: romantic “couple road”
Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park: National 5A level traveling scenic spot
Dalian Aerbin Water on Park: Top indoor swimming poor in Dalian
Dalian Bangchui Island scenic spot: National leaders’ sanatorium

Smile Chinese School offers different kinds of accommodation for our students. These apartments with high quality as well as a safe and convenient environment are also in good prices. It is of ease to choose and to begin your happy summer camp.

There are two kinds of accommodation.
1. apartment with 1 student, apartment with 2 students, family apartment
Students’ apartment: standard apartment, clean, quiet and comfortable, nearby the shopping center 3 minutes to the school by walk, safe and convenient.
Furniture: bed, sofa, wardrobe, tea table
Electrical equipment: internet connecter, air-conditioner, TV set, water fountain, induction cooker, micro-wave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, ect. The school will provide bedding, cooker, dishware, ect. The apartment will be cleaned in a certain period of time.
2. Chinese home-stay families
The families collaborate with our school are all well educated families. Parents in these families speak English. The condition of their apartments are nice, most of the families have kids between 10-17 years old. Foreign kids will have independent room, living and studying with Chinese friends, and going out on weekends.
a) Most of the home-stay families are 20 minutes to the school by bus or taxi.
b) Reservation is necessary, and the information of the students should be offered to the home-stay families in advance.
c) The home-stay families will be responsible to the accommodation affairs, he school will also keep an eye on that.
d) The Chinese family will take care of the kids’ laundry.

Program Date: Jun.20th,2012-Aug.31st,2012(lasting from 2-6 weeks, and the time is optional)
Place: Dalian Smile Chinese School, Dalian, China
Summer Camp Application Process
A) All applicants must be age 7 and older.
B)Please tell us the Chinese level and Chinese learning experiences of the applicant.
C)Since the space is very limited ,The course is open for application now, please register as early as possible.
D)Please register online

Certificates and Diplomas

Eurolingua partner language school in China


Teaching Materials


Eurolingua partner language school in China



Social and Cultural Activities


Eurolingua partner language school in China


Smile Chinese School offers different kinds of accommodation for our students.These apartments with high quality as well as a safe and convenient environment are also in good prices.It is of ease to choose and to begin your happy study tour life in Dalian.

Accommodation Fee in Travelling Season: 10% additional surcharge to accommodation during 15th June to 31st Aug.

Serviced Hotel: Equipped refrigerator, telephone, TV-set, bathroom, air-conditioner,;
Location: Downtown,10 minutes by walking to school

Apartment with 2 students (about 60 square meters): Equipped kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV-set, air-conditioner (The gas, water and electricity costs shall be afforded by students.)
Location: Downtown,10 minutes by walking to school

Apartment with 1 student (about 35 square meters): Equipped kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, refrigerator, microwave oven, TV-set, air-conditioner (The gas, water and electricity costs shall be afforded by students.)
Location: Downtown,10 minutes by walking to school

Duration Serviced Hotel Apartment with 2 students Apartment with 1 student
2 weeks

3950 3500
3 weeks 5900 5250
4 weeks 8000 6800
5 weeks 9100 7700
6 weeks 11000 9250
7 weeks 12700 10800
+week 1900 1500
+night 300 280

*To sign up our program and reserve the apartment, the total rental amount and a deposit payment should be paid in advance by wire transfer or transfer of accounts. Once the remittance received by us, the apartment is considered “booked”. We will send a receipt as the formal acceptance at the time of the booking. The deposit payment will be fully refunded at the end date of tenancy period, if there are no any losses or damages resulting directly from the students while living the apartment rented by school.

Excursions and Visits


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  • Methods of Payment - initial deposit on confirmed enrolment, balance 35 days before arrival
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