Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Greystones, Rep. Ireland: The house is a bungalow with attic conversion. We have a garden. The street is quiet and peaceful. For excursions we have a car. We live one bus journey from the airport(24 hour bus)or less than an hour in the car. we have Wi-Fi and a computer, and multi-channel TV.
The local area has a library, public swimming pool, and golf courses. Transport to the city is good. The village is situated on the coast and isn't far from the mountains. There are many beautiful walks to enjoy.

Type of Programme
One-to-One, personalised English tuition living full-board with the tutor's own family and in the tutor's own home, including local visits and excursions, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc.

Type of House: Semi-Detached House - Rep. Ireland

Eurolingua English Homestay in Greystones

Eurolingua English Homestay in Greystones

Eurolingua English Homestay in Greystones

Eurolingua English Homestay in Greystones

Teaching Qualifications and Experience

ALL DSATES ARE ON THE C.V. I have a C.E.L.T.A certificate and I have been teaching in Ecuador for 4 months and Spain for 2 years . I also have taught my local community both children and adults first aid for the last 15 years.I have also instructed snorkeling.
I also studied business and economics and have a Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies are wine making,collecting models, history, reading, hill walking and scuba diving.
Interests are learning Spanish,theater,music. I also like politics.


The student will sleep downstairs in the front of the house.The room has a double bed with a wardrobe and chest of drawers. It is a bright room. It is next to one of our bathrooms.

Excursions and Local Attractions

DO YOU LIKE FRIENDLY HELPFUL PEOPLE,WHO HAVE GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR...COME TO IRELAND. Ireland is an old culture with a very sad history.Most of our museumes are free. We have buildings which are the oldest in the world,& you can enter a tomb that is older than the pyramids (€15). Our countryside is very beautiful & panoramic. The most famous beer in the world is made here, you can visit the brewery and sample a pint with a wonderful view (€20). Our place names are linked to legends which are EPIC!Our music wheather traditional or modern is world famous ex.The chieftians, U2, Thin lizzy etc and our dance too...River Dance and The Lord of the Dance.If you are into literature then we have some great writers, books and plays, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker...Dracula..; James Joyce...Ulysses,and many more.We are a small country, an Island with only 6 million on the island.On this small island you can go from the North pole to the South pole in one day!!!We have famous and secret places of interest

Eurolingua English Homestay in Greystones


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