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MLI-SpeakYourMind in Falls Church MLI - SpeakYourMind offers English Language Programs to non-native English speaking domestic and international students in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in the USA as a licensee network school of SpeakYourMind, which currently has licensee schools in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain and USA. MLI also offers TOEFL preparation and Business English courses. Courses are available all year round.

The Institute
Eurolingua partner language school in USA

MLI-SpeakYourMind's main learning center is in Falls Church, Virginia. Falls Church is a historical city located 6 miles (10 km) west of Washington, D.C., featuring quick access to renowned museums and art galleries in nearby Washington, D.C., via East Falls Church and West Falls Church metro stations and several bus routes. The city is one of the safest locations in Washington, D.C., with almost every neighborhood offering a variety of local attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls in a way that reflects the City's great ethnic and cultural diversity.

For MLI-SpeakYourMind, a student is more than just a visitor to the U.S., he or she is a person with security needs (housing, food, safety), social needs such as friendship and entertainment, and intellectual needs. In recognition of this, we try our utmost to create a home away from home for our students with all necessary assistance in arranging their housing, airport transfers and social and cultural activities to make their visit a superb experience.

All MLI-SpeakYourMind instructors are native English teachers who hold at least a Bachelors degree in TESOL Education, Linguistics, Bi-Lingual Education, or other closely related field, and/or have an ESL teaching certificate. In addition, all Speak Your Mind instructors must complete a rigorous training seminar, as required by all Speak Your Mind institutions. Learn more..


1- General English / English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

MLI-SpeakYourMind’s ESL program consists of five levels;

i) Beginner/Elementary (Units 1 – 4) Prerequisite: None
ii) Lower Intermediate (Units 5 – 8) Prerequisite: TOEFLpbt 435 / TOEFLibt 40 or equivalent.
iii) Intermediate (Units 9 – 12) Prerequisite: TOEFLpbt 510 / TOEFLibt 64 or equivalent.
iv) Upper Intermediate (Units 13 – 15), Prerequisite: TOEFLpbt 590 / TOEFLibt 96 or equivalent.
v) Advanced (Units 16 – 18), Prerequisite: TOEFL pbt 640 / TOEFLibt 111 or equivalent.

MLI-SpeakYourMind offers its ESL programs at various intensities (18 hours, 20 hours and 25 hours per week) for its international students.
Please note that international students who enroll in our intensive ESL programs (≥18 hours/week) for more than 2 months would require a student (F1) visa and all others on a visitor (B1/B2) visa.

Class Size
MLI-SpeakYourMind offers three types of classes: 1-to-1, where a participant has a dedicated instructor, ‘Exclusive Class’ with a maximum of 8 participants, and ‘Quality Class’ with a maximum of 15 participants all designed for optimizing efficiency in developing English language skills and affordability. The program content is the same for all classes.

Level and Placement
The school provides the participants with a free, no obligation placement test to find out where a prospective participant should start specifically to the unit of their level. The classes are formed with participants of a similar learning pace so to be able to make them comfortable with the adjusted pace of instruction for that particular class.

Total program duration
Each unit is covered within 20 to 30 hours of instruction depending on the class size and pace of learning. The ESL program coverage is the same for all classes (1-to-1, exclusive and quality); however, the total program duration changes between a maximum of 400 hours (1-to-1) and 600 hours (quality classes) of instruction.

Each participant is free to decide the duration of their studies, whether for a week or an entire year.

2- TOEFL Preparation Program
The school offers two types of TOEFL preparation classes:

TOEFL Preparation Basic: This 60 hour course provides a basic review on grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking comprehension while developing necessary knowledge and gaining strategies to identify the correct answers in a simulated TOEFL exam environment.

TOEFL Preparation Advanced: This 120 hour course provides a detailed review on grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking comprehension with our unique SpeakYourMind program while developing necessary knowledge, improving performance and gaining strategies to identify the correct answers and in a simulated TOEFL exam environment.

3- Business English

This course is particularly focused on Business English and effective written communication in various official business settings. The first course addresses effective communication techniques used in e-mails, business letters, memos, resumes, cover letters, formation of meeting agendas, and preparation of minutes.

The second course involves business-decision making and case analysis; business vocabulary and idioms; reading business media and making an oral presentation on a business topic.

Certificates and Diplomas
Eurolingua partner language school in USA

MLI-SpeakYourMind provides its participants with an end-of-course certificate scaled to the Common European Framework (CEF) recognized world-wide.

Teaching Materials

The SpeakYourMind program is run on an original SpeakYourMind series of books that are constantly reviewed and updated. Each student book consists of two units The books and all teaching materials are included in the tuition.

Each Student book for Units 1 through 8 contains:
- Around 700 new words
- 30 grammar sections
- British English and American English
- Around 600 examples
- Hundreds of dialogues
- 60 exercises
- Regular sections on pronunciation and stress

Each Student book for Units 9 through 14 contains:
- Around 700 new words
- 40 reading passages
- British English and American English
- Focus on formal and informal styles
- Regular sections on pronunciation and stress
- Regular grammar development sections

SpeakYourMind's advanced level Student book adds a further 1,200 words and phrases on its ever-popular advanced program. An original variety of lesson activities makes it a high-level course with a difference. An updated version of this book is already on the drawing board.

Eurolingua partner language school in USA

The school utilizes the SpeakYourMind method, that is a ‘smart’ learning methodology, with which the students are enabled to learn English more effectively and fluently and in nearly half the time and effort as they would with conventional methods, as offered by most other schools.

The ‘SpeakYourMind’ method is one of the most effective ways of learning English as a Second Language among all those available on the market. The idea of ‘SpeakYourMind’ is that students need vocabulary and grammar to be fluent in the English language, which are both integrated into each lesson. However, grammar is not introduced as a set of rules to be memorized, but instead as a part of the natural flow of speaking using repetition and expansion. As students are able to pronounce/use words and grammar while speaking, writing and reading components reinforce what the students are learning orally and audibly. By its nature, the program focuses on speaking and thinking in English as its core, followed by essential practice with comprehension and compilation of the language.

Social and Cultural Activities

The school organizes weekly parties at its premises to help the students to socialize and establish strong relationships with each other. In this sense, the school also facilitates social activities based on interests and hobbies of its current student body; these include movies, shows, debate groups, presentation seminars, all of which are provided free of charge, apart from their ESL training hours.

Eurolingua partner language school in USA

MLI-SpeakYourMind provides assistance in helping students find housing through its business associates in the form of homestay with American host families (single rooms, private bathroom with half-board option), room rental/share, apartment rental or hotel stay. Cost of housing is charged to the student directly by the provider.

Excursions and Visits

The school provides a free half-day D.C. tour and a weekly activity calendar and announcements regarding the sightseeing and cultural activities in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

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