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Learning French is exciting and simple with Eurolingua

Paris Eiffel TowerIf you want to learn French abroad our French Study Abroad Courses give you a great opportunity to benefit from French linguistic and cultural immersion using tried, tested and proven methods. We provide cost effective bespoke tutoring for anyone who wants to learn French with native speakers at a French language school or on a French Homestay for Language Studies programme.

Learning French is a fantastic skill as it is one of the world’s major languages, spoken not only in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco) but also in Canada (Québec), South America, as well as in many Caribbean and African countries. Of course, many people first think about how to learn French in Paris but there are many different kinds of French Study Abroad Programmes.

Eurolingua’s unique and celebrated One-to-One Language Homestays are particularly relevant to France where Eurolingua is especially active. At our base in Montpellier, South of France, we welcome many pre-constituted incoming groups of students from all over the world. They are accommodated with our wonderful host families in Montpellier. In addition, we have a great many One-to-One Language Homestays throughout most of the French regions, from Calais to Marseille and from the Pyrenees to the Alps, where students and clients of all ages can live and learn in the family home of a qualified and experienced Eurolingua Homestay Tutor. Structured, individual tuition at your own pace, and lots of ‘real’ conversation. Arguably, the best way to learn any language – total linguistic, cultural and social immersion 24/7.

Eurolingua offers three main options for students wanting to learn to speak French fluently and study French abroad with an authentic French accent.

One-to-One French Homestays

Students learn French abroad from a native French tutor, and benefit from one-to-one tuition, living and learning in the teacher's own home with cultural and social activities. Why not check out our homestay options in Canada and France (including the French Caribbean).

French On-Line Tuition

More information about French On-Line Tuition

French Group Language Courses

Alternatively, Eurolingua also offers you the chance to attend one of our French language schools in France and in French overseas territories such as Guadeloupe and Martinique in the French Caribbean region and, of course, in French-speaking Canada - Québec. Students can enjoy structured French lessons with fellow students in a small group learning environment with the aid of the resources within the French language learning centre. Studying French abroad is simple and affective with Eurolingua.

Simply choose the type of French language learning course you would like by navigating the menu options on this page.


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