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Spanish in Spain

Learn to speak fluent Spanish like a native ...!!

Spanish Language Homestays in Galicia

ID: 2225

Eurolingua Spanish Homestay - Gondomar
Pontevedra, España - Fully equipped, all exterior, bright and cozy, 3 bedrooms countryhouse with a garden, in the peaceful and beautifull Val Miñor valley. Home is conveniently located, near the highway, only 5 kms from the beach, Baiona, 20km from Vigo and Portugal.
This area has got fantastic nature, yet all facilities neabry: shops, restaurants, markest, terraces, banks, health centers, Spas, nautic port... and many leasure activities available

ID: 2002

Eurolingua English Homestay - Burela
Galicia, Spain - Singles, 2 friends or couples are welcome to stay in this lovely 2 bedroom flat in the centre of Burela, a small, quiet town on the beautiful northern coast of Galicia in Spain.

I enjoy teaching 1-1 or small classes and would love to teach you English while showing you the delights Galicia has to offer and of which I have come to love.

I am also happy to teach elementary Spanish to those that would like to experience Spain but do not feel confident about immersing themselves with natives.

ID: 1984

Eurolingua  Homestay - Moaña, Pontevedra
Pontevdra, España - Las fotos presentadas son de un pequeño estudio ubicado dentro de la misma casa familiar, a donde podrían hopedarse hasta dos estudiantes, conviviendo en nuestra casa familiar cotidianamente y teniendo al mismo tiempo su propio espacio, en caso de que requiera de cierta independencia.
Por el momento hay una cama doble, pero puede cambiarse a las dobles que se ven en la foto.

ID: 728
  Galicia, Spain - Pontevedra is an enchanted town: Next to the sea, the best preserved town's historic quarter, greens, surrounding hills coexist with comfortable buildings, transport & shopping facilities. Conveniently sited -close to main means of transport and 15´walk downtown. Pontevedra, Spain: Pontevedra is an enchanted town: Next to the sea, the best preserved town's historic quarter, greens, surrounding hills coexist with comfortable buildings, transport & shopping facilities. Conveniently sited -close to main means of transport and 15´walk downtown- this large,comfortable top floor flat,w/neatly furnished rooms & great views,has also a modern indoors bbq in closed terrace, whirlpool bath),as well as TV, Wifi, and, mainly, a kind and friendly, respectful and open minded millieu. Type of Programme One-to-One, personalised Spanish tuition living full-board with the tutor's own family and in the tutor's own home, including local visits and excursions, meeting friends, neighbours and professional colleagues etc. Type of House: Apartment - Spain       Teaching Qualifications and Experience ENGLISH: TEACHER, TRANSLATOR, COPY-EDITOR. SPANISH: TEACHER, WRITER,PROOFREADER, CREATIVE SPANISH WRITING COACH. Hobbies and Interests Travelling, reading, writing, walking, cultural visits, cooking, drawing and painting, photography, classical, new age and pop-rock music, the internet, making friends (and keeping the best ones), crochetting and knitting (sometimes), documentaries on tv, wildlife, architecture, anthropology, etc. Accommodation   Excursions and Local Attractions TOURISM & CULTURE / BEACHES AND HILLS / TOWN AND NATURE: Celtic and Medieval times left their trail throughout Galicia. Celtic “castros” and dolmens, a breathtaking architecture found in churches, bridges, and other buidings, “pazos” (castles) can be found both in the town itself and its surroundings. The famous city of Santiago de Compostela and the amazing Cies Islands (declared a Natural Reserve in 1980 and part of "The Archipelago Atlantic Islands National Park) are just an example of much more to be found. Many rivers and lakes depict a magnificent landscape. Stone mills are scattered here and there, provoking little musical waterfalls. Museums, aquariums, exhibitions, local festivals along the year are some of the interesting offers this awesome land nourishes.
ID: 94

Eurolingua Spanish Homestay in Nigrán - Pontevedra (SW  - Galicia)

Nigrán - Pontevedra (SW - Galicia), Spain: We welcome guests wishing to stay in an architect designed Spanish/English home. Enjoy a unique homestay of Spanish in Spain or English or both! Our complete language immersion Spanish/English allows you to practise your new language skills round the clock. The accommodation in spacious, private suites is of the highest standard. Comfort and quality are a priority for relaxation in a private sitting/study room. Enjoy wonderful sunsets from the garden terrace and "swim" into the Atlantic Ocean!

ID: 59
Eurolingua Spanish Homestay in Vigo Vigo, España: We welcome, well-educated people wishing to stay in a beautiful Spanish/English home as one of the family. For a number of years we have entertained and learnt about many different cultures while having fun with people here at home. In a short space of time we try to ensure the maximum progress possible. Many hours of conversation practice enables both to understand each other´s language and customs. Stimulation and enthusiasm are so important. Students will learn fast at home.


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