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Spanish in Ecuador

Learn to speak fluent Spanish like a native ...!!

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Amazonas Education & Travel in Quito AMAZONAS EDUCATION & TRAVEL is an umbrella organization specialized in language courses, trips and volunteer programs in Ecuador. We are the Official Spanish School where the diplomats of the US Dept. of State, US Dept. of Commerce and USAID take their immersion Spanish courses in Ecuador. We also offer travel opportunities in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands through our in-house Travel Agency. Our International Division allows us to offer language programs abroad, work and travel programs, etc

The Institute
Eurolingua partner language school in Ecuador

We are leaders in teaching intensive Spanish courses in Ecuador. We offer One to One and Group Spanish classes.
ONE TO ONE CLASSES.- Intensive and tailored Spanish courses (individual lessons), where in a very short time you can learn and improve your Spanish proficiency and fluency. The fastest way to improve your language skills is through individual lessons. The aim of this program is to offer personalized method of teaching which is tailor made for the specific needs and goals of the student. The one-on-one Spanish classes are based on the "immersion" method. This means the students are confronted with the Spanish language upon arrival. Spanish courses are available every day and all year round.
GROUP CLASSES.- The curriculum is costum-designed to meet the special needs and goals of each group. On the first day of your group Spanish course, we will conduct a detailed needs analysis to ensure that you are placed in the most appropriate group. With your fellow students, you will follow a carefully designed course plan to develop specific and general communication skills in order to progress as quickly as possible. Our Spanish groups comprise a maximum of 5 students per class.
Group programs are specially provided for youth groups, high school students, university students and profesionals for a period of time of their own choosing.

We also offer trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

We also offer language programs abroad, work and travel programs, academic year programs, among others.

We have received the following quality awards:
* "International Quality Crown Award", Gold Category, on December 1st. 2003 in London, England, issued by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.).
* “International Quality Summit (IQS)” Gold Category, issued in New York / USA on May 31st. 2010.
* “Premio a la Excelencia Empresarial Educativa” issued in Lima / Perú on June 23rd. 2010, by Global Organization for Educative Enterprise Development.
* Premio Iberoamericano en Honor a la Excelencia Educativa issued in Sao Paulo / Brasil on July 27th. 2010, by Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Calidad Educativa. Learn more..


We offer the following:
* Intensive Spanish Courses in Quito, the Jungle, the Coast and the Galapagos Islands. Our main Spanish programmes are:
- Dynamcic (General)Spanish Program
- Super Dynamcic Spanish Program
- Quito Interactive & Cultural Spanish Program
- Spanish & Soccer Program
- Wonderful Ecuador Spanish Program
- Spanish Online
- Amazing Amazon Spanish Program
- Sunny Coast Spanish Program
- Enchanted Galapagos Spanish Program
- Spanish for Teens
- Spanish for Adults
- Spanish for Specific Purposes: Commercial Spanish, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Diplomats...

* Volunteering in Ecuador
* English and German courses in Quito and abroad: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, etc.
* Work and travel in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, among others
* Academic Year Programs abroad

Certificates and Diplomas
Eurolingua partner language school in Ecuador

We offer certificate of studies of our school and also official certificate of studies issued by the Ministy of Education of Ecuador.

Teaching Materials

Amazonas Spanish Text books and all the additional materials of study are provided by our School.
We also work with modern Textbooks of the Spanish-speaking world, reading books, videos, audio material, presentations, interviews, debates, exhibitions, round tables, games and dynamics related to learning Spanish, movies, journals according to specific topics, newspapers, among others.

Eurolingua partner language school in Ecuador

Effective Communication Skills!
Methodology used by our Institute is focused on direct and communicative approaches. Thus, our Spanish courses are based on active student participation.
We use the total immersion method of language learning. Spanish are taught in a dynamic and motivating way. We are sure the active communication in classes is the most effective way of learning Spanish and by speaking students will achieve fluency.
Spanish lessons at Amazonas are a perfect combination of different skills and areas of language learning:
• Reading Comprehension
• Writing
• Listening
• Grammar and Vocabulary
• Oral Expression
And MOST importantly: Effective Communication Skills!
We focus on practical learning, but specially in a real learning based on the experiences and customs of the culture and traditions of Ecuador and the Spanish-speaking world.

We have 4 Spanish levels: Begginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. Our Syllabus are made according to the Curriculum Plan of Instituto Cervantes of Spain and the Common European Framework for Language teaching:
Basic User: A1 and A2
Independent User: B1 and B2 Proficient User: C1 and C2

Social and Cultural Activities

• Airport transfer service upon arrival.
• Study materials.
• Oral and written placement test.
• Cultural activities or excursions once a week.
• Diploma or Certificate of studies.
• Dancing lessons (salsa, meringue and tropical rhythms)
• Broad band internet access and free email service
• Free Wireless Internet Access
• 2 weeks of Hilton Health Club facilities and Spa - only applicable if the student takes 80 hours or up of classes (swimming pool, sauna, gym, jacuzzi and turkish bath)
• Amazonas Student Card
• Guided tours to: Museums of Art, Culture, Ethnography, History and Ecology.
• Local visits to: markets, churches, city tours, The Middle of the World Monument, Inca ruins and other interesting places.
• Trips to: mountains, volcanic craters, lakes, Indian markets.
• Conferences on: Ecology, Politics, History and Culture. Audiovisual, films, about Indian culture, Tourism, Ecology, etc.

Eurolingua partner language school in Ecuador

Experience "full Spanish immersion" with an Ecuadorian family. Our homestays provide you with reinforcement of what you have learned during the day, in a family-like atmosphere. Living with an Ecuadorian family is perhaps one of the nicest ways to learn Spanish and to get to know the culture of Ecuador.
Our families are carefully screened to ensure a comfortable environment in which to live while attending our school. All families reside in short walking distance or bus ride away, in quiet and safe residential sectors of the city. The families, like you, look forward to meeting someone from a different culture.
Try it and you will find it one of the most rewarding experiences! You get a very comfortable and private bedroom, three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), laundry service, and the opportunity to learn about our customs and improve your Spanish. Any particular needs, be it dietary, rooming arrangements (for couples or singles), private bathroom, or non-smoking environment, we have a suitable family for you.
If such arrangements do not meet your requirements, we could arrange a stay in apartments, hostels, hotels and other budget arrangements. All arrangements are possible with at least four-weeks notice, in order to find something that meets your particular needs. Our staff are more than willing to help you in locating accommodations or at least in making recommendations in order to facilitate your stay in Quito and Ecuador.

Excursions and Visits

The excursions and visits that we offer to our students are very interesting and our students really enjoy it!
These are some of the excursions and visits:
• Guided tours to: Museums of Art, Culture, Ethnography, History and Ecology.
• Local visits to: markets, churches, city tours, The Middle of the World Monument, Inca ruins, Colonial part of Quito and other interesting places.
• Trips to: mountains, volcanic craters, lakes, Indian markets, among others.

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